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About Us

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Twin Peaks Super Seamless is a family owned and operated business that has been serving Yukoners since 1980. At Twin Peaks, our motto is: “Be safe, be smart, and treat every home like it’s our own”. As part of the Super Seamless Nationwide family you can expect professional workmanship, dependability, excellence and good value for your money.

Ray Kitz - Owner / President

Ray has been working in the construction industry since he moved to the Yukon in 1973. He believes in customer service as a number one priority and often says that he’s been doing this work for so long now that he’s worked on your house, your parent’s house and grandparent’s house over the last 30 years. These days you won’t see Ray climbing too many ladders but he enjoys showing up on job sites to provide direction, oversight and coffee. He’s a great resource and teacher. “When you’ve been doing this work for so long, you don’t often see things that you haven’t seen before or don’t know how to fix. My job is to make sure your job gets done, and gets done right” – Ray Kitz.