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  • Super-Seamless Steel Eavestrough

    Our Super-Seamless Steel Eavestrough is manufactured on-site to ensure a custom fit. Steel eavestrough is more durable than aluminum, plastic or vinyl in our northern climate and when combined with the Alu-Rex™ Gutter System, our Gutters are ultra-durable and clog free. No climbing ladders to clean your own gutters, and peace of mind from knowing that your gutters will not be damaged by ice and snow.

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  • Super-Seamless Steel Siding

    Super-Seamless Steel Siding is manufactured on-site to custom fit your project. Super Seamless Steel Siding comes in 14 Designer profiles to provide quality protection and enhancement for any Residential Commercial or Exterior Project.

  • Product & Installation Warranty

    Our Eavestrough and Siding installations are covered by a 10 year Warranty. Alu-Rex gutters materials are guaranteed for 40 years and  Super Seamless Siding materials are guaranteed for 50 years,


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